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Dog Friendly Training

Wags unlimited is based in Canmore/ Banff, Alberta in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

We organize popular, fun and dog friendly training year round: everything from skills that will help you raise your new Puppy to Adolescent “Manners” training, problem solving behaviour issues and more advanced training.

Learn and Train in a Group and/or Privately

During the warmer months of the year, we’ll welcome you and your friendly dog to join one of our popular outdoor group classes.

In colder months, we come to you and do private one-on-one training in the comfort of your own home.

Annette’s training tools are based on dog friendly philosophies such as:

  • Positive reinforcement, motivational and dog friendly techniques, and interactive play
  • Good guidance, clever management and reinforcing good habits while preventing bad ones.

The simple way to say things is this: if we foster strong and healthy relationships between people and their dogs, there is no force needed in the training process. Amazing things happen when you learn skills to set your dog up to want to do the things we want them to do. Often it’s just a matter of tweaking the connection and communication – and celebrating the resulting bond. That’s Annette’s passion – seeing that happen – perhaps initially in training and then also documenting that, in photographs celebrating these amazing relationships.

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“Thanks again for your help! I can’t imagine having a new puppy and not bringing him to you. I rave about you to everyone that I meet. Your classes have given my family focus and realistic goals that we can accomplish together.”
          Kimberley Flatt & Murray
         Puppy Foundation Skills class and Manners class graduate.


“Your classes are great, Annette! I really like your approach, particularly your emphasis on adding value as the owner. The tricks I learned at your Recall class were SO helpful with Lucy.”
      Natalie Hull & Lucy
      Puppy Foundation skills class graduate (also participant in Recall class)


“Annette is very helpful in seeing the subtle interactions between owner and dog that result in unwanted behaviour – she amazes me in her understanding of what I’m doing that causes Tashi to act a particular way. At 2 years old, Tashi is a pleasant outdoors companion but had some “roughness” in her urban manners that this class has greatly improved.”
      Jim & Tashi
     Mutts and Manners class graduates


Dog Training Photos