Many of you locals will no doubt recognize the person in the following photos. Nickie is one of the smiling and friendly faces who will greet you as you walk in to the Bow River Vet Clinic in Canmore.  I was thrilled to meet up with Nickie and Denver for a modeling shoot and in some small round-about way recognize one of the people who puts a very friendly and personal face on this clinic – but also express thanks for many years of support that I have felt so strongly as a local dog trainer.


The_veterinarian-dog trainer- and vet clinic-staff relationship really is a multi faceted one, and while paths may seem completely separate, there’s definite overlap and benefit to connecting these dots.  As a dog trainer, I’ve certainly felt amazing support from both of Canmore’s two main vet clinics: I’m beyond grateful for all the many, many referrals I have been sent from both of them and – on the other hand, I sure have appreciated being able to refer back to veterinarians. Nickie is a link in all of this as more than just as a front-desk connection. Since my days of first meeting Nickie and being involved together on the behaviour committee for our local shelter, Nickie has gone on to complete a dog trainer’s program herself and is now an up-and-coming trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy. So, in more ways than one: she’s another great asset, another link,  in the dog community of the Bow Valley!

So It was indeed a great pleasure to pull out my camera and head out in the gorgeous fall afternoon; not as a dog trainer, but as a photographer to document and record some absolutely heart warming moments with Nickie and her sweet Denver. Here’s a small sampling of the resulting images. Enjoy!

DSC_1382 DSC_1298I am tall DSC_1244 DSC_1063-2DSC_1332

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