A few video clips of brilliant dogs from the first week of trial drop-in classes have been put together for a little fun sampling here:


Enjoy! We’re continuing agility drop-in this Sunday July 6th with two drop-in groups again – 5-6pm and 6-7pm. The Drop-in fee is only $15 (tax included) per class per dog. This Sunday we’re going to start with some fun and important skills that all the dogs will work on at the same time – so be prepared with lots of treats (and maybe a toy?)

Come on into the fenced area when you arrive at 5pm – or 6pm. We’ll start with little tips and pieces of “training homework” you can continue practicing on your own.

Also noteworthy is that there are four other Drop-in classes (in the Canmore Larch rink) coming up in July and August. The “Manners” program is particularly useful for novice agility-hopefuls who would like to work a bit more on focus, connection and attention around distractions. Agility is definitely THE most fun when you can focus directly on agility skills, without having to first work through basic obedience and attention. Here’s a bit more info on these classes where we will work on “Manners” and specifically attention and focus as well as Nose Work/Scent Games:

Dates: July 8 (Tue), July 22 (Tue), August 13 (Wed) and August 27 (Wed)

Drop-in “Manners” class  for puppies, adolescents and older dogs 90min class. 6-7.30 pm

Drop-in Nose Work $ Thinking Games. 90min class 7.30-9.00 pm

PRE_class info_Rovers in the Rink 2014 Drop-in_Dates_90min sessions_Outdoor_RoversInTheRink_Reg_form

PRE_class info_Rovers in the Rink 2014


All of the classes above (agility as well as Rovers in the Rink) are Drop-in – however; we do welcome hearing from you ahead of time to help with planning. You can send an email to annette @ wagsunlimited. com (remove spaces) or message through Wags’ FB Page.

Finally – here’s a photo of Mac having a riot mastering a fun striding grid; learning to place his feet correctly in order to clear a bar/ and a jump.

See you on Sunday? Here’s one more Link to the Video.

Mac learns jump grid

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