Gearing up for a fun-filled evening of dog training at the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course.

This new Sunday agility Drop-in training is just getting off the ground with a couple of fun and successful trial-classes under our belts from one week ago and now we’re ready and prepared: ready to accept drop-ins and also hopefully hear from you ahead of time if you’d like to join us. As mentioned before, it’s a brand new venture, something not tried before and we’re hopeful it will prove to be a great success: fun and also productive training time for any and all who come out.

Fun with Jumps and Tunnels










Being that this is a trial program for this Summer, (plans being to have it run until we hit golf course closing in October) I know the hotel as well as myself would be thrilled to hear your thoughts and comments as you come out and enjoy some agility training in this most awe-inspiring landscape.

One of the top questions since last week from curious and potential participants has been about the fencing.

So let me answer that here, too: yes, we do have a fully enclosed and safely fenced area – which makes it ideal for working on skills like off-leash reliability. Being that agility really IS all about the dog being off-leash, this is one of the top goals for us for this Summer’s participants: helping to develop a relationship where you and your dog are connected to one another and can work together as a team – leash on or not.

This is also one of the reasons the program is appropriate for all ages, including puppies. Any jump-drills will be modified to be appropriately no- or low-impact for pups and youngsters. So for the really young – it’s ALL about the foundation – the connection and working together – so that: when the dog is of full age and mature enough to start the actual equipment work or other dog sports: you don;t need to worry about starting with the basics: it’s already been well covered and you know your dog will happily work with you, even off leash.

We just did a quick calculation of looking at the number of weeks left in the Summer season – and here’s the really cool summary: Did you know that you can easily get at least 10 sessions of our Drop-in program throughout this summer? At $15 per class, that is a very affordable $150 for 10 sessions of training (compare that to the regular class fees of $220 for a 6 week class).

Can you imagine what you can accomplish together with your dog in that time frame?

I can…and I hope to see many of you jump on the opportunity. Seize the Moment, isn’t that the great saying?!

(Questions? Please feel free to email/ get the scoop through Facebook or come and ask in person: we’ll be at the Golf Course ready for dogs at 5pm, with two drop-ins tonight, 5-6pm and 6-7pm)




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