I was thrilled earlier this fall when contacted by the Shelter Connection – a nonprofit charitable organization in the State of NY. They focus on programs and services to improve the quality of life of dogs at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Through the interwebs, they had come across a blog article I had written in March 2012 summarizing a webinar I had attended with Sue Sternberg, where Sue discussed Public Off-Leash Dog parks. The webinar was excellent and Sue discussed (as well as illustrated through video) so many valuable things, I immediately felt compelled to share some of that valuable learning on my blog.

So – this Fall, the Shelter Connection had done a movie night on dog parks and then wanted to publish an article in their Shelter Connection Publication about dog parks, and asked if I would mind letting them publish what I had written?!

Of course I was thrilled and happy that the article could be put to good use!


The prelude to the article reads: “As alluded to in the Summer Tell Tails edition, here is the follow up article on Dog Parks and dog to dog interaction. This summary is so well written by Annette Young, MA CPDT-KA, blogger, author of Tails to Wag About, that it seemed foolish to rewrite a synopsis of the DVD we showed at our monthly Movie Night at the Shelter, when Annette expressed our thoughts so well! See more from Annette at http://wagsunlimited.blogspot.com (Slightly con-densed from original, see full version at website above).”


You can see the Fall 2013 issue of Tell Tails publication here: TellTailsFall2013

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