This photo shoot was a tremendous amount of fun. Not just “because” but because there is a personal connection there.

I originally got to know Michelle through Sit Happens! in Calgary – and those who have been at any of Wags’ seminars, you know that the back bone behind the on-site organization at the seminars, is there because of Michelle 🙂 It’s been phenomenal to work together – and it was even more phenomenal to get together for a lovely fall photo shoot in the Mountains!

I loooved photographing Mika and of course her human family. It was quite the process to cull down the image number to a reasonable package, and from there, even bigger of a challenge to try to pick a few that would highlight our session.  But here’s a small selection of some of the highlights.

Posing, breaks for play and shaking it off, some action, some cute tricks, some “everyone together” and a duo of lovely girls:

– Enjoy as you see what we were up to that lovely Fall afternoon!

DSC_0058Family_Photo DSC_0129 DSC_0155_High_Five DSC_0408Mika_Michelle DSC_9656 DSC_9717 DSC_9730 DSC_9877pORTRAIT_mika_on_stairs



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