Live in Calgary/ Canmore/ Banff area and interested in helping out with a Personal Photo Project? Then read on…

Project #1 is called COOL CITY FIDO. Date TBD/ we will aim for a Saturday/Sunday shoot in January or February (weather dictated) – it just can’t be too cold 🙂 You will need to be able to meet with me in Calgary for this shoot. It is an absolute MUST that your dog is completely comfortable in a busy city setting. People, noise, traffic, hustle and bustle, all of it. No Fear or Worry. No Reactivity. Added to that – your dog does need to have basic training: must be able to hold a sit and down with you at the end of a 6 foot leash and walk nicely beside you on a loose leash. Is that your Cool City Fido? Then, I’d LOVE to hear from you!!!

Project #2 is a bit more complex but here it is: Going back to my roots as a freelance photographer working for a newspaper, I am looking for documentary opportunities to photograph “DOGS AT WORK”. Therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs that kind of thing. Getting model releases from all involved might be the hardest part/ but if you’re involved in a group who would like to see these photographs and willing to work to get required releases – I’d LOVE to discuss. I have a vision, I just need Your help in making it real. This will be an ongoing project in 2014 (possibly much longer) and I look forward to seeing what will come out of it. With your help!

I’m seeking real people, real dogs – no need to feel like a “Supermodel” so please get in touch if you are interested in participating in a personal project Photo Shoot. For these projects, I will ask you to sign a model release and you and your dog will be posed and photographed together / individually. You will work as a volunteer model and will receive a couple of 8×12″ enlargements as a complimentary Thank You gift. Additional prints and photos can be purchased, but there’s no obligation. I’m super excited – and hope you are, too???

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