I have to start by apologizing for being a bit behind in posting images and keeping the blog updated.  But nevertheless, here are a few shots from my session a few weeks back with the two beautiful shelties:  Murrey and Winnie. It was a great little adventure we went on…visited a couple of different spots. That turned out to be a good plan, as Murrey was not 100% sure he could fully relax in our first location, so the change of scenery for him was fantastic. He let loose, shook it all off and relaxed for some beautiful shots. Winnie – on the other hand, was more concerned about keeping track of where I was and “might I still have some of those absolutely heavenly and fresh liver treats left?”

What a lovely pair. Great fun to have the honour of photographing these two!!! Enjoy some of the photos!

DSC_8868_Winnie DSC_8875Winnie3 DSC_8917_sm DSC_9267shelties_play Murrey2 Winnie_2 Winnie1_




















































































































DSC_9334_Murrey Murrey1_



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