It’s been a little bit “quiet” outward because it’s been extremely busy behind the scenes with various projects going on.

This particular one, though – I am chuckling in excitement over and SO looking forward to what is to come…

*** We’ll be spilling the beans soon, but for now let’s just say we have created a little interactive celebratory game in anticipation and excitement of the upcoming Suzanne Clothier seminar in Calgary the weekend of Nov 9-11, 2013.

It’s been SUCH a fun project to dream up and be part of creating we are jittery behind the scenes about getting to share what it’s all about!! I can’ really tell you a whole lot at this point, just that it will have an element of rewarding participation and to be on the lookout and follow along here (never mind the weird strikethrough today WordPress doesn’t seem to want to link to Facebook?) and you will get the details…

…all in due time 🙂

Wags unlimited is hosting Suzanne Clothier for a seminar Nov 9-11,2013













Actually, we will be sharing more information about this pretty funny and entertaining celebration towards the weekend.

So, stay tuned – we’ll reveal right now that it is a contest. We are promising a smile, a laugh – or even a moment of absolute heartfelt Chuckle. Certainly there have already been lots of those behind the scenes in preparation!

If you’ve been to one of Suzanne’s seminars before, you know that, right? That there typically is a lot of laughter going on. You will laugh your way through the learning and come out thinking WOW – THAT is a wonderful way to learn through so much humour at the same time…

(are you curious yet??)

So , make sure you’re tuned in to the latest Wags’ updates happening through Facebook – and get ready for sharing a “blast from the past” and participate in the fun as we gear up for another wonderful seminar!

More – Soon – Stay – Tuned!

and PS – there *is* still space if you would like to join for the seminar but have not registered yet. You can find online registration and all the registration details here.


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