Just the other day I happened to open up my notebook on the page where, months ago, I wrote down my Goals for 2013. Of course, that prompted a full review of what exactly I had written down and what might have gotten done / or not yet?

What were the things I wanted to accomplish this year?

As I read through the list – for the most part, I have to admit I was delighted. I’ve actually checked off most things – with the year now 3/4 behind…1/4 to go.

The Big Goal for myself personally as well as for my business was to really get back into photography – “shoot lots of dogs” and start to define my own style and find my place again behind the camera. It fascinates me to think what a long journey it has been to get to this place – because I started out working as a photographer – long before I was a dog trainer! How come I left something I used to love so passionately? How come it’s taken me so many years to figure this out?

and Why was it even a journey to find a way to combine my passions which seems so logical now??

It absolutely calls for what my teenage kids would gesture as a “DUH?!” with a slap of their own forehead 🙂

I do actually think I have the answer.
































What I didn’t do way back then, is: I didn’t define my passion.

Finding outlets for Creativity has always been an important part of my life. But especially in regards to photography: I never defined nor found my niche. Ever since getting my first SLR camera as a teenager, I knew I LOVED photography – but I never really gave much thought to what it was I REALLY wanted to photograph.

In that regard, working as a freelancer for a daily newspaper was perfect – because you just shoot what you’re told. Someone else gives you the assignment and you tap into your creativity and just go do it. To this day I think it’s one of the most fun jobs I have ever had in my whole life! But things changed a bit once I tried my hand at being the “small town photographer”. That’s really when I first started getting occasional sensations of Real and Tangible Pressure – and “I don’t know if I am enjoying doing this anymore”…but because of trying to do everything for everybody it kept going like that and the feeling kept recurring. Until – through health issues, I was forced – and given an amazing opportunity – to take a look at my entire life and really question the Big Picture.

All things photography came to a sudden halt and stop and for a number of years, (geepers, as in 10 years) I just really didn;t know if I would ever get back into photography again. Long Road really. Which I relate to not being clear on the Destination.

It’s been said before “When you don;t know where you’re going – any road will take you there”.

So it was other life events that prompted me to look for my passion in other ways.

facebook banner_creating_tailwagging_moments









At the top of my GOALS list for 2013 was “Get back into photography”. Under that a whole section of related items: recruit portfolio shoots, build gallery and portfolio, separate photo from training business, finish new website with section for photography, blog regularly,Take a photography course, master colour management, build professional lab relationship, take first paying clients, print large images for display.

Check, check, and mostly check.

While some of those items are ones I’ll be working on a while yet/ or as on-going learning/  many have been scratched off the list and I’m working on the final item on that list. Selecting images to create a display.

3/4 of the year is gone. 1/4 remains. Turned out, this is an excellent time to review goals and make sure the majority of items are checked off. We did the same as a family around the dinner table the other night. What about your goals for this year?

Today I’m very happy and grateful for these three quarters of 2013, I’m extremely happy about this journey and all the learning and progress: so much so that I think there’s time for me to add in a few more for the last three months/before starting to think about 2014.

But the take-away for me in this is not about a goal, but the importance of “Defining your Passion”.

That wicked goal list  – it only exists because of Passion, and having identified it.

I’m Passionate about Dogs and their People, as much in photography as in training: creating and capturing that connection, showing the light in your dog’s eyes, the small little moments that happen between you and your dog – all the things that create that tailwagging moment.

And in case it needs mentioning; Fall is a beautiful time in the mountains 🙂 I still have some availability for Fall Photo shoots – so please get in touch if you’d like to come out and meet for a photo shoot in this spectacular landscape!

You can find more info here: https://wagsunlimited.com/pet-photography/book-a-session/


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