It’s my honour introduce two amazing dogs with the human companion, Carole. First at the top here we have the very Handsome ¬†Personality Mr. Scruffy:MrScruffy



































and then, her Loveliness Honey.


















I had the great Joy of getting out for a photo shoot with these two cool dogs, actually twice.

This shots of His-Turkeyness just crack me up. What a total Ham, strutt’n his stuff, looking right into the camera.










































This shot of Honey (above here) was taken during our first attempt at getting together — however, our session was cut a bit short by unexpected changes in mountain weather. Luckily we were able to schedule a Part 2 pretty quickly thereafter and we got to finish what we had started.DSC_8167Scruffy_sm
















The result is a pretty fun collection of Scruffy-and-Hun images. MR. Scruff is a little Gem with big personality and a cute sparkle in his eyes. He is – as Carole would say “the Easy” one out of the two.

Honey, on the other hand – like so many of the less-straightforward ones – is a dog who sets in motion a whole host of other things. They don’t know it of course – but They (and I have had one myself, so I can speak from the heart) get us inspired to try to understand and get us hooked on canine behaviour. They likely account for a large percentage of all dog trainers of today!

But more than anything; Dogs like these change our lives forever

and we will forever be different people because of them.































































Thank you, Carole for allowing me to photograph you and your dogs! I hope you enjoy the photos!!


***on a completely different note I want to mention that ONE DAY Registrations have opened up for Suzanne Clothier’s November 9-11 seminar. She will present three days of amazing dog education and learning and some people, not able to attend the whole seminar, have asked about participating for One Day only. You can get all the details about that here.***


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