Pinot is a master of camouflage and disguise. At least my family thinks so and luckily we can find some kind of humour in this; despite a seemingly always-filthy dog .

Admittedly, Pinot’s got a lot of Camo-practise. So, I decided to show her simple three step recipe for how to go from “Recognizable Sheltie” to “Total Camo-Dog – Master of Disguise” It’s as simple as this three-step process.

photo of happy and clean sheltie


It starts out innocently Enough. White, clean feet, smiling happily for the camera.

Then – out of the blue we seem to have located a perfect Camo patch, and next comes the application of the “Camo” – in true Master-of-Disguise fashion….



and then: comically – sheltie has almost disappeared amongst old deadfall and overturned tree roots. And we’re back innocently smiling for the camera.



I have to chuckle. There’s something to be said about carrying a camera and capturing her dogginess like this.

I think this last image would not be the same if she was sparkling clean?

Dirty sheltie

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