What an awesome doggy afternoon and evening this was:  three shelties and an aussie cross, fur flying in the wind, beautiful mountain landscapes, connecting with a true dog person and enthusiast!

three shelties and an aussie cross
















The task: Photographing not one, not two or three dogs – but four dogs: with and without their owner, Kathy. Kathy was asking if I’ve done as many dogs together before – and truth be told – the only grouping bigger, was when I photographed a whole litter of Brittany puppies (a wild bunch of nine!) a few monts back – but even then; we had to give up with trying to get more than 4 puppies in the same shot 🙂 there were simply too many moving parts. LOL. So I guess this sets the record – four dogs with their person.

Starting with a quick round of introductions: at the top here we have Quinn. He made sure I was able to add a whole lovely and amazing collection images to my collection of dog body language, LOL! What big drama and teeth.

sheltie running



































Then, we have the two other shelties; Piper and Oliver.  Piper, who is older, first here:DSC_7111-2

















and then Oliver. DSC_7091


















Then, we have Libby the Aussie Cross. Being rather sociable and seeking out contact quite frequently – she was quite often making sure I wasn’t feeling lonely by myself, only accompanied by my camera and would leave the posing and exchange that job for coming to say hello and making sure I was ok. Sweet!
































A great evening all in all…pet photography in Banff pet photography in Banff of beautiful sheltie DSC_7164 DSC_7371_Quinn



























































































banff and canmore pet photography































Our shoot ended with a beautiful setting sun that dipped behind the mountains perfectly as I said “Let’s just do one more thing…a final shot..” ending the evening in what became my favourite photo of the whole shoot: below.

Thank you Kathy for coming out with your crew! They are all truly beautiful.

banff and canmore pet photography



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