Every week, Hair of the Dog Blog (a blog for pet photographers) posts a new weekly facebook photo competition. I have been following along for a while, never submitting an image yet – until last week when the theme was “black and white”. 

You’re allowed to post two images and in my mind, I had narrowed down the two shots I wanted to submit pretty quickly. 

The first image here is the one that made the Top Ten, and I am totally thrilled! 

I like this image personally for a lot of reasons – but maybe mostly because it speaks so strongly to everything I really believe in and work for. The process of training, the by-product of training, the effort and time spent connecting and creating a bond with your dog, Investing into Becoming Their Best Friend, and then having some of those little moments captured as permanent images to treasure. 

That connection and Friendship is a Gift. Never something to be taken for granted, but a true gift when it is present.

There is no prize money or fancy ribbons or awards, but what a great way to spread awareness and get to showcase your work beyond your own readership.

I’m very Grateful for this opportunity to have an image published on a well-read blog; what a great feeling to start off the week with!

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