The email started with “Annette – you don’t have a black Standard Poodle in your portfolio!”

The rest is now history as I’m happy to say I’ll be uploading some black Standard Poodle images to my web gallery today as well as sharing a small collection here. 

Meet Piper – a 6 year old Gorgeous and Lovely girl. 

It’s always fun to photograph dogs – but add to that: it’s really fun to photograph dogs that I’ve met/ had as students or otherwise somehow gotten to know.

With this girl – Our paths have crossed multiple times at trials as Piper and my boy Maggio seemed to be training and trialling through the same levels of Obedience and Rally’O for quite some time. While Maggio and myself had to put trialling on the backburner because of lameless and issues with his body for a while – Piper continued along her obedience journey and has now put many more additional titles behind her name.

What a treat to photograph such a well trained dog – and one of the most well-kept and well groomed poodles I’ve ever met. She always looks stunning!
Thanks Catherine for coming out – how fun to see you and her again!

We started with some shots in the studio and then did a few shots outdoors. It had rained overnight and the grass, bushes and ground were soaked and still dripping of water. The final shot (at the very bottom here) tells a subtle tale of dog hair in contact with moisture.

The wet grass made for a very cool and artistic out-of-focus backdrop as all the water drops and moisture on leaves and grass sparkled like little sequins in the morning sun. It was really quite delightful, despite getting shoes, pants and dog completely soaked 🙂

So; Hope you Enjoy – a few more shots of Piper…

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