We have decided to extend the Early Bird deadline for Suzanne Clothier‘s upcoming November seminar!

This is one you won;t want to miss. With topics covering a wide range; there’s bound to be a specific gem in here for everyone!

Not to worry: even if you’ve been away for vacation at the old cottage and missed the Early Bird — not to worry: it’s been extended! You have all of August to get your registration in — WITH Early Bird Fees! 

The seminar will run over the whole Remembrance Day weekend: November 9-11, 2013 and will be held at Sit Happens! Companion Dog Training in Calgary, AB. 

So, what will Suzanne cover in November?

Starting with The Elemental Questions (TM)

…if you attended her seminar in Calgary just months ago in April, you know what profound meaning one of the questions bear; asking the dog: “How is this for you?” Well, this time, she’ll delve even further as she will continue and teach us more of these, six in total, Elemental Questions.

Help the Handler, Help the Dog 

will do a dive into how handlers help or hinder dogs with body language, posture, breathing, muscle tension, expression, stance and use of space. I know I personally hear many people know and comment on the fact that “it’s not the dog that needs to be trained – it’s me!” – well, here is an amazing opportunity to learn about how you, as a person may be able to sharpen up your communication by understanding how you influence your dog with your body and your being.

You had me at Sniff is a whole day on the very hot topic of dog-to-dog interactions. 

When putting two or more dogs together: are we being too cautious? Too careless? Do we just “let them work it out”? or try to orchestrate pleasant encounters? What is play and what is not play? How do you recognize a suitable playmate? etc etc…

Herder, Helper, Hunter, Hugger

promises to be a Very Fascinating seminar-topic, dissecting the different myths and realities about different breeds, and breed specific behaviours and preferences that have been affected by human selection in our dogs. Guarding and territorial behaviour, low dog-dog aggression breeds, toy breeds, understanding the working dog, controlling space: the herding breeds, why and why not? the “hard to train” dogs…

The Relationship Puzzle: Cooperation, Conflict and Compatibility

“Relationship” is a popular concept these days, but what does it really mean? How do you know if there is a match or a mis-match? Can you recognize the patterns of interaction that tell the tale? How do you identify the foundation issues that may be underlying conflict and training problems? 

So: to wrap up: You can sign up with Early Bird Rates all the way through the month of August. Please help and share the word about this seminar. Suzanne Clothier is an AMAZING teacher and we truly believe each and every person learning from her will benefit the dog world as a whole. 

Registration info is available here.
Please take note of Scholarships available: if you know of a dog enthusiast TEENAGER – get them in touch with Annette to find out requirements to apply. 
Also available: SAR/ Search and Rescue dog- scholarships.

Wags has hosted Suzanne twice in past – What have past participants said about Suzanne? 

“Loved it all!! Especially impressed with pacing: Powerpoint, dog examples, questions, interactive…using leashes together. Nice variety. Suzanne is amazingly informative, knowledgeable, entertaining and made the information clear!”

“My favourite part of the whole weekend was “How is this for you?” Dogs don’t lie!”

“The Information overall was Fantastic. Very helpful organizers and staff.”

“Favourite part was the Observation Skills taught: Learning to ask the Questions, and to listen to the dog’s answers!”

“Suzanne is incredible knowledgeable. And she’s got a great way to share her information – great analogies and humour – and great patience :-)”

Finally – check out Sit Happens! – our venue as well as Mungo’s Books – our favourite source for dog books .Mungo’s will again be present and looking after everyone’s shopping needs and desires before start each day and during breaks and lunches.

Please just ask/ email or comment below if you have questions. Hope to hear from you and see you in November!!!

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