A few days ago I did a modeling shoot and have just shared a few shots for Wags’ unlimited fans on Facebook. Here they are, too for those not part of the FB world.

Tala Rain and Twillow Rose are two young therapy dogs; both Shiloh Shepherds.  Both stunningly beautiful dogs. Their owner and “co-therapist” Straja was one of the people who replied and graciously offered to participate when I put out a Model call a few weeks back. 

I had met Straja and Twillow before and I knew I would be in for a treat to be taking photos of them together!

We spent a couple of hours together, initially in the studio, and then going outside – having a great time.
These shots are just a first few in a series of images of these lovely, lovely souls. 

Dogs have come to mean So much in my own life; and knowing what that magical bond can feel like – I LOVED photographing Straja with her dogs! The bond is tangible 🙂 just gorgeous. 

Capturing the connection between people and their beloved companion dogs is truly an honour and something I hope to be doing much, more more of in the months and years to come. Stay tuned as I share some more images soon from the two model shoots in the last month!

And PS – If you’d like to take part in a model shoot in the future or want to be kept in the loop about upcoming photo projects or specials – please DO sign up for Wags’ newsletter here.

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