Just the other day I sent out a newsletter with the latest updates and a bit of info on what’s in the works with Wags: 

  • Drop-in dog training locally over the next several weeks
  • the next upcoming seminars for this year and next (!)
  • as well as a Model call looking for fresh “modeling talent” for some specific photography projects I have in the works. 

Some of these projects are very “secretive” (LOL, or called ever-evolving ideas in progress) – others are areas where I need specific images for specific things. There is a clear vision of how the images will be used and I know what the final product will be and why and where I need the images.

But one problem with being creative is that one idea frequently leads to another…and the “simple project” can quickly grow, and become impressively huge – but never finished. I have only barely started editing images from yesterday and ideas are already spinning in my head of all kinds of fun I could have building this or that idea further…

Isn’t she impressive: Chowder, balancing that big long body of hers in this awesome trick?!

We had a great photo shoot yesterday – another to come with very different looking dogs on July 22nd. Now I need to wrestle my spinning mind to the ground, stay on task and try to focus on completing this project before I start  dreaming up the next idea:-) 

As I was editing photos and trying to slow down my racing mind – I found It’s no different than trying to achieve a specific goal in dog training. We quite often get excited on route and see progress and results in one area, sometimes causing so much excitement that it derails the process a bit…we now want to skip important steps and jump ahead. But often the result of jumping ahead is not faster progress but quite the contrary: when realizing, soon enough, that pieces are missing and we now need to go back and fill in the gaps.

Stop. Slow down. Look at your road map. Remember where you are going, and aim there and get there. 
One step at a Time. 
So that’s where I am at. Nevertheless, if you’d like to be part of future creative projects and want to be kept in the loop about new modeling opportunities that will no doubt be coming up – please subscribe to Wags’ newsletter and make sure you set your email to allow messages from Wagsunlimited. I do have a feeling it won;t be long before the next vision will be put to action…

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