A lot of people have a hard time making a several-week long commitment for training during the summer months. People travel and go away on vacation, host guests etc etc. 
It’s understandable that a long training class would be put to the side in favor of Summer, we all want to enjoy time for camping, travel and other things. 

The Great News is that for the Summer months, we’re switching our schedule to meet the many needs of Summer: Wags’ Puppy Foundation Skills class will operate as a Drop-in program. We’ll work on basic skills, manners, answer questions, do confidence building exercises, puppy play-time, do leash work and Recall. We will incorporate themes for the summer: how do you teach your puppy to settle at your feet by the campfire? How to keep your puppy from destroying your camper van? Is it a good idea to tether your puppy outside at your campground?

Puppy Summer Program will be fun and very useful stuff to both you and your puppy!
Your puppy must be less than 20 weeks old.

You need to do nothing else than get in touch prior to the first time you would like to come – there are a few health requirements that all puppies need to meet, I want to send you info about where to come and what to bring: and I would like to know that you are coming. 

No 6-week commitment needed! 
A full list of Tuesday drop-in dates will be published to the website shortly. 

Now that’s good news for all the busy-bees who love their summer freedom?! Bring your friends and come and do some drop-in training!

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