Here is Tommy in Black and White. What a character. So many expressions in this Young little Guy. I love the one eyed look as he is engaged with his toy (top right). Tonight I`ll see Tommy in Puppy Foundation Skills class and we are going to work more on play: retrieve and tugging to be specific.

The owners were asked to bring two identical toys for tonight so I can show them a very cool, simple and extremely effective way of building solid retrieving skills in a dog. So many dogs learn to enjoy the `keep away` version of retrieving: with the owner going after the dog in hopes of getting the toy back…not something I recommend. 
So – we`re going to address that tonight, use two toys and get him – and the other puppies – enjoying coming right back to their people with the retrieve object. Simple, and SO much fun!

Teaching your dog to play with you using toys is simply one of the Very Best things you can do. Enough can`t be said about the benefits of human-dog play.
What you can do with great play skills is Magical. Nothing less!
So – on that note, I am heading out with my own dogs to play, tug, and retrieve!

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