Sharing just a couple of shots from the other day with my patient and extremely cooperative models; Maggio and Pinot.

I walk around with a lot of photo inspiration these days – seeing trees, bushes, branches, and grasses as potential backdrops. Opportunities seem to be everywhere – it`s fun to be riding a massive wave of inspiration!

Bringing the camera on a dog outing brings me a lot of joy right now – and fortunately I think the dogs are really loving it, too. 

The reason I love to photograph my dogs in the woods so much is likely very very simple – it`s my `daily therapy session`- the time for me to recharge and renew and just spend time with these amazing four-legged friends of mine. 

I`ve heard a neat saying that goes  something like `there`s no problem or worry in the world that can`t be resolved from the back of a horse`and I feel a bit the same about our daily outings into nature. 

How could  Everything not feel great after one of these adventures!

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