In November 2012, Wags unlimited had the great pleasure of hosting Suzanne Clothier for a first seminar. It was a huge success and the feedback was overall incredibly positive and warm. 

Some of the comments (that were made in evaluation forms) that left us thinking about areas where we can improve, had to do with the fact that some attendees had walked away wishing they could find ways to connect and network with other seminar attendees more. As an organizer, I felt that was significant, and have spent much time since the November seminar trying to come up with creative ways of embracing that desire that people have to Connect. 
A few ideas were born and implemented this past weekend when we had Suzanne back for a second time (April 13-14, 2013). Some additional ideas will be implemented in future seminars.

This Poster – below – was one of the ideas that came out of the November feedback. Thus: Thank You to all who take the time to fill in evaluation forms and write or email comments! It does make a difference and we do take you seriously. And also a very warm THANK YOU to all who attended this past weekend and joyfully participated in the “Networking Box” project by submitting your business card for sharing!

The poster full of business cards will be sent out to all participants as an email attachment – but more fun and interactive than that: you can find it on Wags’ Facebook Page where we’ve asked participants to tag themselves and tag their business pages. With all of the “tags” the poster becomes a live network, full of clickable links. Let’s put those links to good use!

We have all attended the seminar for the same love and passion for dogs, we have all found meaning in Suzanne’s RCT Training approach; so let’s connect and share the good vibes – for the sake of Dogs! So, visit FB; go find those pages – “Like” them and let’s build the connections and network. 

Happy tailwags – I personally can’t wait for November – and especially looking forward to the “wine and cheese” event in conjunction with the evening lecture. 
The November 2013 seminar will take place over Remembrance Day weekend Nov. 9-11 and registrations are open. Sign up right away and Save up to $80 on your registration! Email and request the “Super Early Bird Special” before May 15th.

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