This is Elmo. He belongs to friends of the family. The first few photos are ones that have only been shared privately so far but as I added to the “Elmo collection” this past weekend, it felt timely to share a few photos here as well.
We were visiting just before Christmas, and it just so happened that Elmo had paid a recent visit to the groomer and being that my camera was with me – I decided to snap a few photos of the Handsome Fella.

The red bow from the groomer was just too adorable and perfect on the red chair.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of having Elmo for a couple of sleep-overs and of course a few more photos had to be added to the Elmo-collection. He’s such a lovely dog; easy and sweet – by day 2 he was fitting into our household as if he’d been here for a long, long time. The dogs were all at peace and co-existing as if there was nothing more natural and usual. 

In these final and most recent shots, I love how his hair has grown and he seems to be sporting a bit of bed head in these shots taken on Sunday morning. “King Elmo” – just awaking from his Beauty Sleep 🙂 What a Great Dog!

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