Can’t help but smile back when I look at this happy face displayed by Pinot. What a privilege to be owned by these happy and completely faithful characters we call our “Companion Dogs”. Pinot is truly a side-kick dog…if all of society would allow for a constant “daemon” to be present – she would be it 🙂 (If you wonder what a daemon is – you can check it out here: the Golden Compass)

My other buddy, Maggio, is currently not feeling 100% after recently being diagnosed with pyelonephritis (inflammation of kidneys). You can see a bit of his his bare and shaved belly in this photo (as necessitated by the ultrasound to check him out last week).
He’s being treated for it, but the poor guy’s immune system is not completely happy about antibiotics. 
What a journey it is to live with someone suffering from allergies, and what a learning curve it’s thrown me for. While saying all of that – it’s been very educational and brought much positive with it: we’ve made some amazing contacts and perhaps foremost; for me, the journey has been a real first-hand eye opener into “Options” – that there are multiple ways to view healing and health. I’ve been personally blown away by what holistic medicine  – in the hands of a skilled practitioner – can offer. Through this journey, which started as a VERY frustrating wild-goose-chase looking to identify “allergies”…I have found a holistic vet I simply adore;  and my own views to the body, health and healing have really been impacted. 
And so the journey continues in different ways with each of these remarkable dogs…

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