Just a couple of days ago, I had the great privilege and Fun to visit a 6-week old litter of Brittany Puppies at Hunter’s Heart in Calgary, Alberta.

I am not in the market for a Puppy right now myself (although my kids would like it very much if I said we were ready for another dog…but we are not). 
But of course as a trainer and dog enthusiast, it’s ALWAYS fun to visit puppies. And additionally – I find it highly educational to see puppies of younger ages than those I typically get into my Puppy classes. And of course, visiting a breeder who is very engaged and concerned about giving her puppies lots of experiences and early exposure is rewarding and fun! I’ve written about what difference it makes when you choose where to go for your next puppy before, so I too find it highly motivating to see some of this early rearing put in place.

What a fun bunch these pups were! At 6 weeks of age, they were a bundle of seemingly endless energy and sharp puppy teeth as they came out to explore myself and my 10-year old daughter. 

Highly interactive and interested in exploring – 
they were thrilled to engage in a game of tug with my daughter, tug madly at a fun real-fur toy attached to a table leg…
When presented with a set of metal measuring spoons – there was no startle to speak of as the spoons crashed to the floor with a rattle – more so a joyous expression of “FUN! What was that? New toys to grab!?!” 
As I grabbed one of the other metal spoons in the set – the puppy at the other end just engaged in a game of tug! Using metal spoons 🙂 (pretty cool! and not something most of us would ever be able to take for granted…)

Also great to see TAILS on these guys. Does Not come without controversy, Carla tells me..
Nevertheless, I think it’s great.

Play hard…then crash… 
This guy has played hard…
settling to chew a toy…
…and then…

…too tired to move….

Playing hard…

Getting groggy…

And then, ultimately – crashing in a puppy pile!

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  • KathyJan 12, 2013

    Lovely looking dogs, nicely raised with TAILS! Might have to be on my next dog wish list.

  • Annette Young, MA, CPDT-KAJan 13, 2013

    Yeah – GREAT to see the tails! 🙂

  • Sandra ToalFeb 13, 2013

    thank you for this post….I have been waiting for some time for a Brittany pup (should be born in about a month)and I'm not sure I have ever seen such good shots of Brittany pups! Now I am kanoodling around your blog and getting all kinds of interesting and informative information. I have bookmarked it as I hope to do competitive agility and obedience and I see some great stuff posted here. thanks!

  • Annette Young, MA, CPDT-KAMar 01, 2013

    Thanks, Sandra! (somehow I missed this comment and responding now – two weeks later – sorry) Glad you like the photos and that you found some other useful stuff here, too 🙂 Best of luck with your Brittany pup!

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