In keeping with the new times and forever evolving Facebook…a banner or poster of sorts needed to be created for Wags Facebook page. All pages (as in business pages on Facebook) are going to change within the next few weeks and will include a cover banner. My impression is that – either you can create something and have some fun with this, or when the deadline approaches, Facebook will automate the process for you and just let you drag in photos from your fb files…

So, after a few hours of tinkering (time I didn’t intend to spend on this kind of project 🙂 – the result is now live, and I thought it should be shared here, too!
The dogs in the photos are a really nice representation of dogs from several different classes: Puppy Foundation skills class, Adolescent Manners class, Thinking Games, and even the outdoor Rovers in the Rink – Recall class. 
So that’s that: Wags photo banner prompted by technological changes. Enjoy!

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