Unreal how much snow was dumped on us in the last 24 hours!! I enjoyed a fabulous walk in the woods with Pinot yesterday. Maggio is on bed rest (and lots of bones) right now while we wait to figure his elbow-issues out. It’s hard to leave him behind, as he just would like to go, go, go, but it’s also obvious he is not feeling all that great about moving too much, so we have to limit his exercise for now. By the end of the week, there should be a Plan of Action in place for how to best address what’s going on with his elbows.

Pinot is soaking up all the solo attention and honestly does not seem to care whether Maggio comes along or doesn’t. As long as she gets to go – she’s happy. That’s all that matters 🙂 Pretty self-centered creatures when it comes to stuff like that?! 
With the accumulated snow – it was too funny to watch her literally not be able to “reach bottom”, but keep experimenting with kangaroo-style leaps alternating with belly-flop attempts looking like  she was thinking “maybe I DO float on this if I try again?” 

She didn’t float, no matter what style she tried, but it sure looked like fun trying! And we both got a really good work-out! It really was quite the show, this “walk” of ours; playing in the snow and watching Pinot’s intense, crazy energy – insisting on playing her favourite Frisbee games despite it being quite difficult to get around in places. At times she was literally over-her-head-deep-in-snow, and I had the occasional thought go through my mind about snow-shoes perhaps being a smart thing (not that I own a pair) as I was labouring along, too – in the sometimes thigh deep snow. Great exercise, and a remarkably soft landing when a loss of balance threw me off. Pinot was doing all kinds of “four-wheel-getting around” and just seemed to have a total blast, too! I DO love the snow. This is what winter is supposed to be like!

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