Introducing: Chowder and Barney, both retired racing greyhounds adopted by a Canmore couple through  SAGA (Southern Alberta Greyhound Association)

Chowder is a recent “Manners” class graduate. Barney has been a “Frequent Flyer” with Wags, graduating first from “Manners” class and then going on to work in Rally Obedience. Sadly, arthritis shortened his Rally’O career and  now perhaps Chowder has her older brothers’ “paws” to fill. Time will tell…They’re both amazing dogs – unbelievably different from one another in terms of personality, each with their own very distinct trademarks of behavior. I had the great honour of doing some portraits of these great dogs last night and wanted to share some of the resulting images. 
Gorgeous and funny dogs, who are so fortunate to have been given a great life with great people after a short racing career. They also truly represent a very happy outcome and great adoption story. True “tales of redemption”. Aren’t they simply stunningly beautiful dogs?

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