This is Davis – an American Staffordshire Terrier – one of the breeds that will often be lumped and labeled under the umbrella of “pit bull”. Davis is a “Staffie” but more than that: he is a fantastic Breed Ambassador. I’ve had the great priviledge of having him in one of my recent Mutts and Manners classes. What an awesome dog! Fantastic with people and other dogs alike, one can only wish and hope that anyone with biases and prejudices against “pit bulls” would get to meet dogs like Davis.

So, I just had a burning desire to share that, and add a photo of the very Handsome Boy during the final class when he came “dressed up” for the occasion! Way to go! The bar has been raised! And congratulations Carla – job well done – he’ll make you proud many times over yet!

Davis is taking Grad Night to new heights, arriving with “attire”! What a handsome boy!
Davis graduated from Mutts and Manners class last Thursday night.
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