It’s pretty well a tradition for us to get out on a full-day hike on the weekend for my late September birthday. And so we did again…
The whole family got out in the gorgeous mountains for a full day 14-16km trek, leaving children, dogs and adults alike pretty tired, relaxed and filled with feel-good endorphines.
Here are just a few photos of the dogs enjoying their day out.

Maggio living up to his name: Blazingstar Moutain Bluebird. Almost high enough to just spread his wings and fly?! 🙂

 Re-fueling and resting tired legs.

Her Highness, Pinot the Princess, DID bounce and swim across the river on the way out. However – during the six hours we were on the other side hiking on a hot September day…the water levels were actually quite a bit higher upon our return…and alas – her Highness got quite upset when she realized returning across the very fridgid river would mean getting both wet and cold. Concerned that she would get carried down stream and really panic, I ended up giving her a Royal Shuttle service across. All ended well, and all slept very well after a tremendous hike!
I keep reminding myself how very lucky indeed we are, to have all of this,
right in our own “backyard”!

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