September 11, 2011 final class for this group of
Super Recall in the rink.
Missing from photo: Shammy, Tashi and Blake.

As the summer season comes to a close, so are rink classes coming to an end. What great fun it has been to train in the rink! Exercises requiring tons of space have been a lot of fun to work on in this big big space!


I am hoping we can go back next summer and repeat the same.

Retrieving, working on interactive dog-human play, simple off-leash follow-the-person exercises have been favourites.

Chief Takoda.

Final class and graduation also for the Rink Manners class.
Missing from photos are Bonita and Blitz.

Manners participants have had an ideal space to work on Recalls, Loose Leash Walking and much more. During the final class we made an attempt at some Level 1 Rally’O exercises.  Great troopers worked through gusty winds and laminated Rally exercise signs flying all over the place 🙂 Oh sigh…Rally is best done on a wind-less day outdoors – or indoors altogether…

By the end of Manners class we were practically in the dark. As the cold winds and threatening sky draped in over us on Sunday evening, I was happily thinking my grateful “goodbyes to the rink”…and looking forward to fall and winter classes indoors!
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