Tonight the Wags’ Summer Programs kicked off…in one of Canmore’s RINKS! Wow – how amazing!  It really is pretty fantastic to realize how big a rink is when you put a few dogs in there and start to talk….people actually come CLOSER to hear what you are saying! And THAT’S a new concept to me 🙂

The SUPER RECALL group will be working a ton on play and games; specifically tug and retrieve…and trying to get “ultimate control” of these games. Such as; can the dog hold a sit while you throw the toy waiting for a release word? And what about calling the dog back to you BEFORE he gets TO the retrieve item? That will be some of the challenges we’ll work through in this six week class.

The MANNERS group has a lovely mix of young dogs who will no doubt go far. If the stuff tonight is any indication (which usually it is) of the raw material we’re working with – we’ll have a lot of fast learners doing a lot of pretty cool stuff by the end of this class. I will try to have my camera with me to share some successes….I am thinking there will be many moments to celebrate 🙂

As a final note – if you know of anyone wanting in on an outdoor training class…we can accommodate for late-comers and there are still a few spots open! Train your dog this summer!

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