It’s been a while since I have had time to blog. Much time lately has been dedicated to my own dogs and – in particular, agility training. In these travels, I have, though,  carried my camera around with me on a few occasions…and thought it’s time to share some fun photos.
In any dog training (but especially agility!) There simply is no substitue for developing a really phenomenal Game of Tug and Retrieve.
If you are really lucky – you’ll have a dog who is interested in toys already and you can just start playing 🙂 If you’re not so lucky – it can take considerable effort on your part to develop the Game. I should know 🙂 I have a dog of each kind…Maggio – nuts about toys and a born retriever from Day 1…Pinot – not so sure about actually gripping hard and definitely not a born retriever. It took me a good 9 months + of dedicated WORK to build the desire to play with me to the point that she will now play anywhere and tug fiercly.
The dog in the photos here is Nacho – a born tugger…who’s owner is working on getting a consistent retrieve… (it’s definitely coming!) Isn’t it fun though how you can see the joy in the game?!
And this last one blows me away. What an expressive face!
“And you think you’re ever gonna get this toy back again?” “IT’S MINE!”
Oh the moments a camera can capture 🙂
In Nacho’s case – he is in great hands and worked by an owner who is not put off by such shows of “attitude”. The work and training goes on. After return of toy to handler, some more tugging, his handler will take possession of the toy, run another little sequence with him and reward again with a game before ending the session. Dog gets put away – toy gets put away. There is no debating who is truly in charge of the toy or the game. Nacho knows that, and is happy to come out and continue working the next time.
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