Maggio clearly thinking “gee, I really hope I get a tennis ball for doing this…”

Another Rally trial behind us…
…When we started trialling in Rally Obedience, we did not start in all three organizations at the same time (APDT, CARO and CKC). It was only in the last year that I started considering perhaps also doing CARO trials, and because of this – Maggio is working on finishing his level 3 in APDT – but we were now entered to finish level 1 in CARO. And indeed we did. Actually both Pinot and Maggio finished their level 1 CARO title…Pinot being a bit stressed and quite barky (sigh) and not scoring the high scores, but Maggio, on the other hand – comfortable, confident and having a great time… finishing his level 1 with a High in Trial; perfect 200 score!

Looks like he’s had enough of holding those silly ribbons…

 We also jumped onto the opportunity to get a leg of “Level One Team” together with a lovely golden and her owner (looking for team partners), and continued on with two more trials of Level 2; recieving placement ribbons in each trial. Maggio is now only one leg short of completing level 2.

Pinot; I had only entered in Level 1 – which I’d say proved to be a good thing. She was not relaxed about having all eyes on her and being in the ring – and she was completely comfortable letting everyone know that!

Being a young and quite inexperienced dog, my focus with her over the next 6 months (or however long it takes) will now be on working her in training in as many novel environments as possible….hopefully seeing her relax more and just settle into the world and gaining a sense that things are okay. She did get a title, but the work was not smooth or very focused, not what I know she’s capable of and the amount of barking…oh sigh…not exactly how I want to continue. We’re in the midst of Prime Adolescence…I do have to remember this 🙂 and just keep training and give her time.

“Here we go – NOW can’t you see I am posing??? This is the way to do this shot!”
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  • BlazingstarApr 20, 2011

    Well done! Maggio looks a bit overwhelmed by all of his ribbons!

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