So – here at last – is a video of Annette and Maggio; our proud 197.5 in the Novice B obedience ring with all the elements in the video (except long sits and downs, which no doubt would have viewers fall alseep). There it is: many, many sessions of training over a looong period of time – several Rally trials in order to work on “ring nerves”…and now – it all culminated in some 3 plus minutes in the ring…repeated three times over a weekend – and now it’s done (!) now we’re onto new goals, new training. We’re close to feeling ready for Open – I think the individual pieces are actually in place but I do need to do some more work on putting the whole flow of the exercises together, the retrieve over jump, the broad jump, and out-of-sight stays in different venues…

To give ourselves a break from obedience work, we are currently working weave poles as well as just doing long daily walks in the woods, playing and retrieving. I decided to teach weaving to both dogs, even though I don;t have aspirations to actually compete in agility with Maggio. But who knows…maybe something along the way will have me change my mind. We’re certainly all having a lot of fun with it! We’re up to 4 poles…almost ready to go to 6…wishing the snow would melt so it would be easier to find new locations to take our weave pole training to!

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