Finally getting around to sharing some video from last weekends fun and great APDT trial in Calgary March 19th and 20th 2011.
Starting in reverse order with the highlight of our weekend – Sunday afternoon, Annette and Maggio earning a 208 (of 210 possible) and a High in Trial for level 3. This was our second level 3 leg – now we only need one more leg under a different judge to complete Level 3 of  APDT Rally’O.


And then goig backwards in time…and into Saturday.
To get to compete in level 3, we had to first successfully complete and Qualify in a final leg of level 2 (under a different judge…we actually had plenty of Qs; just not under different judges)  – which we did Saturday morning (March 19th, 2011)
So, here is our final level 2 leg:

Very happy with how the boy worked! Back in the fall to hopefully complete level 3 with Maggio.
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  • SarahMar 29, 2011

    Hey Annette! Just found your blog through Liz 🙂 nice to see more flatties with a blog! Maggio looks great 🙂

    Jane, Kaleb & Gyp

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