Excitement is building here on the home front…we are preparing to start Pinot’s weave pole training for agility! I am picking up our weave poles tomorrow, and will start her on the 2×2 method in the coming month – 2×2 is Susan Garrett’s well known method for teaching weaving. See a short video clip here: http://www.clickerdogs.com/2x2_weave_training.php

In preparation for weaving, we have worked a fair amount on body- and rear end awareness, tight turns as well as the oh-so-important ability to focus forward and go out ahead of the handler…”the keep going” thing. She is ready! And so am I. I am hoping to post some video here over the coming months as we get rolling, so you can follow our progress. For now – we are just vibrating of excitement knowing that weaves are coming to our house tomorrow! We’ll be READY to start!

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