Well, I must deviate from this topic of play for a bit…as today was spent getting some dog photos printed for display at the new Wags’ home. 

For the past couple of years, I have collected images of most dogs in classes, with this thought of being able to create a big bulletin board display of dog shots and “past graduates”. Printing some photos today was just a start…. 

I have had some absolutely magnificent dogs (and owners, too!) in classes as well as private sessions, and feel very fortunate to have been able to work with them. Each dog and person I work with will always teach me something new, too.
The learning extends both ways.

This is quite a pose with the
“grad hat” 🙂

Here is just a small sampling of a few past class graduates. Will post some more at a later date.
And many more will adorn the walls of Wags’ new home…

It was quite exciting to pick up the pile of prints and to be reflecting and thinking back…remembering the dogs – and their people. Sadly I can’t say that I remember the names of every dog and person I have had in classes and worked with..but what was very cool was that when seeing the photos of the dogs…I *remember* the dog, and sometimes some silly quirk or detail about him or her or something that really made “the team” stand out…sometimes the remarkable journey between owner and dog that was so obvious.

We do have some fantastic dogs and dog owners in the Bow Valley!

I hope our paths will cross many more times over the years!

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